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May 30, 2017



A Special Message for Pentecost

This Sunday, June 4, 2017, is Pentecost, the day we celebrate the gift and power of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Christian Church.  In order to demonstrate our faith in God the Spirit and show our love and concern to those in our church and community, we are asking each member to do the following:  

Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire you with a message that someone needs to encourage, inspire, or uplift them.  It may be a simple message, such as "God loves you."  It may be a specific Bible verse.  It may be a few lines of a hymn or poem.  It may be something completely unique.  Just pray for inspiration and be ready to receive it.  Whatever the Spirit gives you, be prepared to write it down as you arrive for worship on Sunday.  A few of our members will be in the narthex to show you where to record your message.  Immediately following worship we'll gather in the narthex, ask for God's blessing on the messages, and ask for your help in their delivery to God's intended recipient.  Then we'll enjoy food and fellowship as we celebrate the Church's birthday.

One of our spiritual themes at Cahaba Springs is, "We are blessed so that we can bless others."  May our Pentecost messages be a blessing to others and may the Spirit use us to accomplish His will, all for the glory of God!