Disciple II and Faithful

Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph

Disciple II Into the Word Into the World: Study ManualLed by Dr. Dawson Harmon, Disciple II is a deep examination of Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts. It emphasizes coming to God and going for God—approaching all life experiences as opportunities for faithful witness and service. Thursdays, 10–12. This is the second year of a four-year sequence, nevertheless, you are invited to join at your convenience.

We defer Disciple II for Advent, Nov 16–Dec 28, so that we may study Faithful, Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph, by Adam HamiltoFaithful: Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph  -     By: Adam Hamiltonn

"He started his journey as an unknown carpenter, but Joseph became the earthly father of Jesus. For his part in the nativity story, he faced a situation much like our own—encountering life circumstances he didn't choose or understand. In Faithful, Hamilton encourages readers to follow Joseph's example during this Advent and Christmas season, and exchange doubt for courage as we learn to accept and glorify God's will.

We return to Disciple II on Thursday, January 4, 2018, 10–12.